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ohisashiburi desu

It's been a while, livejournal. Tumblr is the new new thing, but it'll never be as good at being a journaling website.

I waded back through a couple of my entries and they left off during a part of my life where I didn't have a job yet. Now I've had the same job for two years (as a teacher!) and I'm getting the hang of it. There are still times where I get really nervous because I don't know what I'm doing or I think I'm offending someone or not earning my keep. But I have to remind myself that it would be a lot harder for the school to replace me than to keep me on board. So I will keep earning my salary and going to work every morning.

I'm also living with Rachel and Ariel, who are proving to be great roommates!

Right now I'm still on summer vacation pretty much doing nothing but hanging around with a minimal workload all day. I have drawn some of my comic (10 pages total this summer) but I'm still way behind. The good news is that I've finished LFF volume 3, an endeavor that took a good month of work! I can't wait until it's delivered to me so I can check it out.

I think today I'm going to meet up with Jan for lunch today. It'll be a nice way to go grab coffee without having to make it here.

Kickstart this thing.

All two people who watch me on Livejournal:

I made a kickstarter! The plan is to arrange a bunch of video game songs for the cello and record them and share them online. You can find more information here:


Go check it out!

Feng shui notes

I'm... really interested in furniture arrangement, and so I'm taking notes on a lecture here.

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P.S. Um, hi LJ.
Uoooghhh life is a nightmare.


So I have to pay a licensing and application fee and get fingerprinted and stuff, and I also have to get an official transcript from SFSU in order to be a substitute.

But so far everything looks good...!
I also have a couple of interviews (one today, one next week) that are making life a bit more challenging schedule-wise.

I'm still working at Peet's because they wanted me to be scheduled next week as well...then I have Pinafore (this week is hell week), and on top of that more interviews and the regular comics to do. AND there's a con coming up that I've barely prepared for.




So a while back, I ran into a flute player I knew from orchestra when I was having an interview at Peet's. I asked her what she was doing, and it turned out that she teaches music in the Palo Alto school district! I thought, well, how nice, and I asked her what I could do with music.
She told me to take the CBEST and get fingerprinted, and after that sign up with the district and I could start teaching.

Well, it took me a while of working at Peet's before I finally got my act together and e-mailed her for advice after I had passed the CBEST. She gave me the e-mails of the sub coordinator for the district and also the woman in charge or coordinating music education, who e-mailed me back and told me I'd be a great sub and that she'd forward my e-mail around to all the music teachers in the area, and once I get my number, I'll be a substitute teacher for reals!

Well okay, then. I guess that means employment, albeit unstable? More on this once I get another e-mail.

I this week is the last week I work at Peet's. Every hour feels like I'm walking uphill. I'm trying not to think about it as if everything I do there is pointless. ^^;
A) It's been long enough at Peet's that I am now goaded into looking for other work.

B) I am finally seriously looking for work and now Peet's is getting in the way.

C) My savings can last me for around eight months.



Writer's Block: Fashion faux pas

What is the strangest thing in your closet?

My closet has a keyboard with its chord chewed through by the bunny.

French or Russian?

So I had an audition with a professional symphony. I couldn't play as well as the other people there for starters, but in addition to that, I messed up considerably because I was nervous. But I made it that far, which says something I suppose. I think I might try again sometime.

I plan on doing another recital with my friend Jonathan at any rate. I think I might either do an all French recital (it would be almost overly romantic) or perhaps an all Russian one (heavy, depressing, and sometimes sarcastic). What do you think? :D

French repertoire I know:
Fuare "Apres un Reve" listen
OR his "Sicilienne" but I've never played it before ^^;
Saint-Saens cello concerto listen
Franck violin sonata (cello version) listen (2nd movement)

Russian repertoire:
Prokofiev ballade for cello and piano listen
Shostakovich cello sonata listen (4th movement)
Prokofiev cello sonata listen (1st movement)

wait a minute

Work for eight hours, get two ten minute breaks and a half-hour lunch break.
Work for six hours...get just a ten minute break. XGFFH:LK HEYYY SOMETHING'S WRONG HERE

I'm just complaining 'cause I'm tired.